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We use the SCRUM methodology in our Development projects to streamline and meet the goals of our clients.

Our Services

We have a wide variety of services to facilitate the creation of your projects and the achievement of your goals.

Applications development

Design and development of web applications

Software Development

Development of custom applications, prototyping, frontend, backend, quality testing.

Web Development

Design and development of web pages, attractive and modern.

Custom Development

Custom development, according to your plans and ideas.

Mobile Applications

Development applications iOS and Android platforms.

Open Source Solutions

We host your application and take care of hosting and maintenance.

ERP Solutions






Point Of Sale




Stages of a project

Our projects are developed based on 4 fundamental stages.

Modeling / Analysis

It is the lifting of the company and associated business flows. The stages, permissions, hierarchies, automations, states and parameters are defined.

Setting / Development

Codification and development of the system so that it meets the requirements of the previous survey.

Testing / Training

The training consists of the general review of the system and implementation. User training and testing of the flow and functions.

Deploy / White label

In this phase the project is published and the client is accompanied, to ensure the proper functioning of the system.